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A minimal blogging theme.

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Kent is a responsive theme designed for writers who want to write. Stripped back to the minimum — it’s designed to work well on all internet-enabled devices.

Custom Menu

To keep things clean and simple, the menu in Kent is hidden — however it’s only a single click to open it up and browse the site. The expandable menu was made as flexible as possible to allow for both long and short menus. It also includes a search box to give readers another means to navigate your site. By default, the custom menu displays the websites pages – but if you want more control you can use WordPress built in custom menus.

Custom Header Images

Kent uses WordPress custom header images in a unique way. On wider screens it is a vertical block, filling the height of the page. On mobile devices, it switches to a horizontal block and sits at the top of the page.

Kent includes a collection of header images for you to select from — or if you prefer you can upload your own header image as well.

Social Accounts

Kent allows you to add links to your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Tumblr accounts. To make use of this you must first, connect these services to Publicize, by going to Settings → Sharing. Once connected, navigate to the Customizer, where you’ll find a new Connect panel. Select the account(s) you want to link to, and their respective icons will be displayed.

Kent supports one widget area, which can be seen at the bottom of each page. Widgets are a powerful addition that allow you to add all sorts of flexible content containers to your site. For example you can display a list of your latest posts, or display your latest comments. You can also add text and image widgets to personalize your site further.

Author Byline

At the bottom of each blog post is the author byline. This is a block that displays the author’s Gravatar and biography (which you can edit from each author’s user profile page).

Example Uses

Kent is perfect for all sorts of websites, below are a few examples of how the theme could be used in different situations.

Business Blog

Kent would be great for a business blog — giving you the ability to tell your customers about your latest products and company updates. It also gives you space to market content that is appropriate for your audience. The custom header image can include your company logo (we recommend placing the logo in the middle of the image) or it could include an image of your product.

The navigation will stay out of the way — but since it uses custom menus, you can add a link to your main website. The author byline space can give your customers a bit more information about the people in your company, creating a human face for the business.

Finally, you could link to your business social media accounts through the social link settings. This would have the added benefit of allowing you to automatically share your blog posts when you publish new content.

Author’s Journal

As your online home and marketing tool, Kent would be an ideal space for promoting yourself online. As an author, you could post short stories as well as articles about your craft and latest projects.

By using custom colors, you can let your personality shine while still keeping things professional. For that added connection with your readers, add a photo of yourself to the custom header.

Kent’s focus on clean typography and simplicity makes it clear that writing is your specialty. The larger than average font size ensures that everybody can read what you’re writing.

The social connection options are a great way to market yourself — and you could make use of the footer widgets to add some testimonials and links to reviews of your writing to help drum up additional sales of your books and enhance your online reputation.

More Info Theme Demo These buttons will open pages on a third party website.