What's the best niche for a new blog in 2013?

What’s the best niche for a new blog in 2013?

Well – this is a tough one. I mentioned the other day that there seems to have been a resurgence in WordPress blogging recently (this blog being my own small attempt).

The first thing to do is ignore money and think about what you are most passionate about. If you want to make your website successful then you need to make sure you want to put time into it – so picking a niche you are interested in, and knowledgable about, will give you an edge.

But if you want to know what the trends are this year..?

  • Technology – this is probably the biggest niche at the moment, so it’s highly competitive – but with all the interest in Apple, and Android at the moment it’s definitely one that going to grow.
  • Entertainment – what with there being so many celebs on Twitter and Facebook we’ve never been closer to the action.
  • Health and Self Improvement – with everyone becoming attached to social media and technology our health and well being has become much more important than it used to be.

The niches above are certainly the easiest to get into but unfortunately they may not be the best.

The best will be the one that you know the best – and only you can decide what that might be.