Post Status

Post Status

Post Status is a brand new WordPress website from Brian Krogsgard. It’s similar to my own website, WordPress Vote, in that it’s used to aggregate WordPress news, reviews, and articles. It’s had a really good start and seems to be thriving and hopefully it will keep the momentum going.

From the about page:

Post Status is a hybrid of user and editorial driven content.

Submissions for new posts to share can come from any logged in user. Other logged in visitors can vote on articles they like as well. Submitters receive points for up votes on posts they submit, up votes for comments they write, and for the number of comments on a particular post.

The point of the gamification is to help drive great content to the top of Post Status. Posts that receive validation from up votes and discussion are much more likely to be featured on the homepage. Currently the homepage is hand curated, but with heavy consideration of the reception posts receive.